Rouje is the label of one of our favourite French style icons, Jeanne Damas. Jeanne Damas introduces in her collection a universe reflecting her own unique personality, where sober sophistication meets assumed sensuality. This online-only brand reinterprets with nostalgia the iconic Parisian basics: Camisoles, mini-skirts, flared jeans and floral dresses. Jeanne sees Rouje as a collective; for her, it is the occasion to bring talented professionals together with her friends.

Turbulence manages the brand’s PR in the Benelux. Through our local insight, we created a compelling dialogue between the brand and its target audiences in the Benelux. On a daily basis, we deliver dedicated PR management, handling every aspect of public relations, from showroom management, seeding and product placement to editorial campaigns, strategic copywriting and press events. We deliver elaborate and dedicated press campaigns to build long-lasting stories, along with high-quality press coverage in print, broadcast and digital media.