Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful,
I just know what to do with them.

– Marlene Dietrich

Turbulence is an all-singing all-dancing commu-nication & press agency. Its name reflects its ethos: creating never-ending love stories to stir up a commotion.
We're fashion and lifestyle adepts. In a pretty wild way – we decided to create our own fashion label: www.alice-gazouille.be. Just because we're mad about fashion. As an added bonus our label has provided us with
invaluable insights in the fashion universe.
Also, we probably know some people who know some people who know some people we can connect with to tell your story to the influencers, the early adopters and their followers.
Interested in getting together? Write us or give us a call. We would be very happy to meet up.

What can we do for you?

PR We create unique stories about your brand, using an elegant and effective method: we seduce the media with our fresh approach, surprising news angles and inspiring storytelling.

Communication We like to develop efficacious communication strategies and integrated communication plans. Spinning stories is what we do best.

Marketing You want to know how your audience will worship your brand? Or how to start a dialogue with them and seduce them forever? You want to define a corporate identity or boost your brand awareness? Let’s meet.

Moreover Turbulence revolves around images and stories. We like marketing as much as we like PR, but it’s not our only way of storytelling. Finding the right language for a brand thrills us. From copywriting over an effective marketing strategy till stunning campaign photos. Turbulence can serve as a brainstormer, press agent, copywriter, blogger, social media strategist, marketer, brand consultant, networker, stylist, photo shoot producer or event organizer.