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Corinthia Hotels

Situated on Rue Royale in Notre Dame aux Neiges, Corinthia Brussels stands as a refined Belle Époque landmark sculpted by Henri van Dievoet. Having witnessed the rich epochs that shaped Brussels, this historic Grand Hotel Astoria has undergone meticulous restoration to re-emerge as a beacon of elegance and luxury. With 126 rooms and suites, a gastronomic restaurant, brasserie, and 1000 square meters of wellness facilities, Corinthia Brussels seamlessly marries classical elegance with modern sophistication. Catering to discerning locals and luxury travelers, the hotel harmonizes heritage with an avant-garde attitude.

Turbulence strategically manages media relations, ensuring Corinthia Brussels garners attention in prominent Belgian media outlets. Exclusive previews, VIP events, and collaborations with key opinion leaders and cultural stakeholders elevate Corinthia Brussels to a pinnacle of prestige. Through artful integration of digital and offline activations, PR campaigns, community engagement, and event management, Turbulence positions Corinthia Brussels as a beacon of distinction, capturing the essence of a renewed resplendent era in the heart of the Belgian capital.