Collectors Club

Collectors Club was born of an encounter between two sisters, Nele and Veerle. Inspired by the double meaning of the concept behind the brand, the duo wants to create a wardrobe of essentials for women. The collection pays a vibrant tribute to emblematic women and is inspired by iconic personalities such as Anaïs Nin, Barbara Bloom and Zaha Hadid. Collectors Club is also a collaborative brand which invites creatives to design ideas for their collections, from photographers and artists to designers, as part of its collective. Collectors Club embodies the juxtaposition of both sisters’ personalities, styles and reference points, as well as the friendship that unites them.

Turbulence has been the primary partner for this grand project’s brand launch and brand building. From logo design to printed matter and online presence, all graphic and strategic elements have been put together by Turbulence. A strong identity was defined and followed throughout the process. Photoshoots and catalogues are in line with the brand’s identity, delivering elegant and impactful solutions. Turbulence manages the brand’s PR in Belgium. Through our local insight, we create a compelling dialogue between the brand and its target audiences in Belgium. On a daily basis, we deliver dedicated PR management, handling every aspect of public relations, from showroom management, seeding and product placement to editorial campaigns and strategic copywriting. We deliver elaborate and dedicated press campaigns to build long-lasting stories, along with high-quality press coverage in print, broadcast and digital media.